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In the words of the Joker: And here... we... go!

Though it didn't quite work out for him the way I'm hoping my crazy brainchild to start a photography business does. This blog will be a public record of my adventure in building a photography and design business. Now clearly this isn't day one. I'm on build number two of the web site, I have a decent collection of gear, and I've got a couple of regular clients in the peculiar niche I've found. I just finished my license as a commercial drone operator, and I'm working a project that features aerial photography currently, which I'm really excited about.

This all started because I grew up loving art, but was never a very good artist, so photography seemed the way to go. I bought my first decent camera, a Canon Rebel XSi, way back in 2008 and I've been shooting ever since, but only as a hobby. Now, as I'm on the tail end of my 20 years in the Army, I'm looking for an exit plan. The poetic answer is that in some weird way, after spending so much time destroying things, I'm deeply drawn to wanting to create. The sensible piece is that I'm three years from retiring, and that's about how long building a sustainable business takes!

So join me on this adventure (though I hold no reservations that most of you are reading this years from the initial publication) and let's see where the road takes us!

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